Anything More?? 

Twelve historical, geological, and cultural sketches of the real Bahamas and real Bahamians are sprinkled throughout the book where we encountered them in our travels. Stories like the college art professor who left a Northeastern university and emigrated to a remote area of the Bahama Islands to pursue his art in peace and tranquility and raise his young family away from the turmoil of the modern world; The Out-Island Doctor who took his practice to remote corners of the country unserved by medical care using his 31 foot ketch the Green Cross as office and transportation; an inshore Blue Hole where you can step of a sandy beach into seven hundred feet of deep blue water; and even a story of a cultural icon that also happens to be a critter! Also included are stories of historic MailBoats, beautifully recreated with colorful paintings by a talented Bahamian artist.

OK, I’m Sold. How Do I Do It?

It all starts in MailBoat Heaven, Potters Cay, in Nassau, Bahamas. So it all begins with a flight to Nassau. A chapter, MailBoat Travel 101, will describe most of the rest with additional details scattered throughout the chapters with a summary and a detailed sample travel plan in the Appendix. Beautifully illustrated, color photographs appear on 107 of the book’s 187 pages, and tell much of the story. If you need any help with your own plan, contact the author.

MailBoat Routes