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 Cruising by MailBoat 5.0 out of 5 stars Book for Today Reviewed in the United States on April 26, 2021 Verified Purchase "I just finished reading the book*entitled "Cruising by Mailboat." This is the 2nd in the series written by CAPT Fred Braman. Fred is an articulate storyteller and this book captures the essence of a salty sea captain's adventures traveling through his beloved Bahama out islands by various mailboats. In this book he details the pros and cons of mailboat travel as well as the opportunities this means of travel afford. He captures and documents the behind the scenes history and struggles of some of the not so prominent local families that contribute so much to the development of the Bahama islands life-style and economy. So much of this book centers on lesser known communities of the out islands that are rarely visited by tourists. The people depicted in the book are Bahamians that live and work without so much as a note of gratitude for their contributions and that of their families. If you are interested in wanting to capture the essence of the real Bahamian life-style; then this is the book that tells it like it is. In summary, CAPT Fred's book allows you to vicariously live the lives*of the people that make the Bahama out island so great.”"

Perry McDonald

 Cruising by MailBoat 5.0 out of 5 stars An artistic view of the Iconic Bahamian mail-boat Reviewed in the United States on June 9, 2021 If you have an interest in historic and iconic water-going vessels, from the ancient coracles, the Nile fellucias and the famous Peterborough canoe, this book will be an endearing addition to your collection. After Fred's first book about sailing in the Bahamas, this book is a well-researched and well-crafted portrayal of another iconic water-going vessel, the Bahamian mail-boat. Fred just doesn't write about this boat and island system, but takes the reader on a journey full of the factual evolution of the mail-boat system but fills it with the fanciful art of sailing with exquisite art work and photos. If you have, like the rest of the world has, a love for the "Bahamian"-lifestyle, this book will bring new insights into a vital part of the Bahamas."

Beth Lugger

 Cruising by MailBoat Note: For transparency, a three star "review" was omitted as it was a complaint that a Kindle version of the book is not offered, even though the reason for not doing so was clearly indicated. With 158 color photographs and paintings, the Author believes that a black and white digital treatment of the book would not do it justice. The reviewer did not buy the book and made no pretense to have read it."

Chip Fuller

 5.0 out of 5 stars Reconsidering our cruising plan! Reviewed in the United States on July 5, 2021 A rich and diverse journey, well told. Motivated me to go, but see these places and people under no rush, from my own boat. Thoroughly enjoyed the book!"

Mike Jeglic

 5.0 out of 5 stars The author and colleagues experienced mailboats across the archipelago Reviewed in the United States on July 11, 2021 "Been there, and you should too!" might be a subtitle to CRUISING BY MAILBOAT, which I thoroughly enjoy and often refer to. It is well illustrated and laid out in a very accessible format allowing you to skip to ships or islands, people, culture, and history. The most important aspect of this project, having also worked on a different kind of Bahamian Mailboat book during the same decade, is how very genuine Capt. Braman, his companions are, esp. the generous photographer Dave Blake, as are their Bahamian hosts. Capt. Braman is one of the most observant sailors, writers, naval officers and gentlemen who I have had the honor to work with. There were no books focused on mailboats of Bahamas in their first 217 years of history, then suddenly two books in the same month in 2021. Capt. Braman and his fellow swashbucklers not only managed to have adventurous fun, the book infuses others with their sense of adventure, they bent with the odd winds of this peculiar archipelagic trade, and most importantly they improvised. They have made fast and loyal friends along the way, many of them happy to contribute however they could, and I am pleased to be one of them. Bravo, corsairs! It is lovely that so many were so helpful so often. With a project lead like Capt. Braman, the results his team produced are predictably delectable, informative, and inspirational. So, peel out a $20 bill and hop on the next mailboat at Potters Cay Nassau with a cooler, hook and line, your copy of CRUISING BY MAILBOAT with Messrs. Braman, Blake, Curry, and Dodge by your side. Enjoy - they certainly have."

Eric WibergNone