Available NOW in Paperback this site and Amazon!!!  Plans for a sailing trip by two old U.S. Navy friends, one retired and one soon to be, had been hatched more than a year before the scheduled departure. The planned route included most of the main island groups of the Bahamas; and although the two old friends had made many trips together, this would be their most ambitious one by far. The untimely death of the author’s good friend changed the situation, and the retired Navy Captain was left with a “go no-go” decision. Closer to seventy than sixty, some reflection determined that “if he were ever going to go, it had better be now.” He was just too old not to! What ensued was a three month, two thousand mile, single-handed trek through the Bahamas, illustrating clearly that this is a voyage that almost any sailor can make. Still "Too Old," he made the same trip later with a friend. The book has both stories. #Bahamas cruising, #sailboat cruising

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